Yahoo!'s 'Who Knew' Driving TV Size Ratings

Branded entertainment has long been one of the few profitable business models for online video content – the chicken and egg problem of selling content to marketers without a guaranteed audience has kept advertising CPMs lower for independent web content compared to mainstream TV, but we’re beginning to reach TV-size audiences for some of this content. Mediaweek reports that Yahoo!’s Who Knew? series produced by Reveille has delivered more than 38 million streams since its April 14th debut.

“We think this kind of signals that the medium has arrived, says Yahoo! VP of News and Information Mark Walker.

Above: Who Knew? Emmy Awards

It’s a big win for branded entertainment as a whole, in addition to proving the viability of the business model for Yahoo!, it’s great for Toyota, and cheap to produce meaning the margins can be that much higher, and it showcases the power of search as a mass media.