Where’s the Live Streaming from Iran?

That protests in Iran following last week’s disputed election prompted the State Department to reach out to Twitter to keep the lines of communication open is a no small endorsement of the medium’s power, slights about monetization be damned.

An ongoing cyberbattle is being waged by Iranian hackers. The Iran Republic News Agency website is currently down, and the battle is not just limited to government and mainstream media outlets. An Iran Election Cyberwarfare Guide for Beginners has been circulating and the blog BoingBoing which recently reposted it was hit with a DDoS attack hours ago.

But while text based communication keeps the Iranian public in touch with the outside world in a time where the State is interfering with Satellite and phone communication and denying access to international journalists where is the use of live video by citizens? YouTube has no shortage of material but it is so easy to capture live using services like Qik why aren’t we seeing more live citizen journalism?

If you know someone over there with access drop us a line.

UPDATE: Here’s one: