Weekend Pick: Direct Guster's Next Video

Boston’s best live act, and the band that turned me into a true music fanatic, Guster, is launching a new online video promotion.

Leading up to the release of their new album, Easy Wonderful, Guster launched a site featuring 12 videos for the 12 songs on the album, by 12 different directors. To date, they’ve released videos for “Do You Love Me” and “Stay With Me Jesus.”

Up next? Tapping into their voracious fan base to direct a video of their own. The band’s site states, “We ended up one director short, so we’re opening this song up to you guys.”

If you aren’t familiar with the band’s quirky sense of humor, their guidelines lend a little bit of insight. “Keep in mind one thing: We’re not necessarily looking for technical skill or anything fancy… if you have a friend who can eat cheesy poofs all-entertaining-like, for four and a half minutes, film it with your smart phone and we just might pick that one. Or we might hate it. It’s our song and we get to be the obnoxious-but-respected judge with the British accent. There is love, there is peace in this world.”

Submissions are due by October 12th. The members of the band will view all submissions and pick a winner by October 19th.

Hey guys — how ’bout a video for Happy Frappy while you’re at it?