Weekend OVW Picks: Better the Second Time

Comedy Central this week launched a new Daily Show Microsite, re-upped Jon Stewart’s contract thru 2010 and opened up their online video archive for the show going back to Stewart’s first day in 1999.

Above: Jon Stewart on Clinton’s ’99 Sate of the Union

Video is supported by a 7-second pre-roll, overlay ads and 15-second post-roll. Online video is removing the linear boundaries of TV, enabling every ironic moment of history to be referenced with video at any time. Now if only Seinfeld would offer something like this.

Above: Different Strokes – The Trial

MySpaceTV has been showing 4-6 minute Minisodes of Sony programming including Different Strokes and Silver Spoons. Starting on Monday, Sony’s online video portal Crakkle will add cut-down versions of Bewitched and The Jeffersons, giving these shows a second life, as they’re well past their prime syndication days.

And fans of Arrested Development have access to the entire series online through a MSN microsite.

Above: synchronis.tv’s 35

More recently, if you missed the first ever live scripted online drama 35, all episodes are now available for free on iTunes, Crackle and blip.tv.

TV syndication has changed now that many of the most popular TV series of recent and old are available online on-demand in easily searchable sites supported by ads targeted at specific show demographics.