Weekend OVW Pick: Spielberg on Seesmic

In Cannes for the premiere of the new Indiana Jones movie, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, George Lucas and others answered jounalist questions via community video platform Seesmic.

The idea which founder Loic Le Muer describes as coming together at the last minute in coordination with Picture Production Company was designed as a way for journalists around the world to ask questions and get a direct response – which was then made available to the public. The Guardian’s Jemima Kiss had this to say of the experience:

I just posted a few direct questions to Spielberg and Karen Allen (Marian was always one of my favourite heroines) and it’s quite a buzz watching them reply directly to your own questions. Seesmic is quite intimate too – like most people, I just use my webcam and was still wearing my pyjamas when I recorded. But hey, pyjamas have a good internet heritage.

And the answers, coming directly from the filmmakers have an intimacy of their own, they’re far more personal than your standard TV interview.

Above: Spielberg on plans for the small screen

Above: Harrison Ford on the first day on set

Above: George Lucas on whether a young audience will still ‘buy’ Indy