Video is Great, But Leave Me My Text Option

Sure, this is an online video blog. But I’m getting tired of media outlets that force video on me when what I really want is a quick article that allows me to get the information on my terms.

Specifically what I’m referring to is the tendency for two sites which I visit regularly ESPN and CNN to include video only links in their top stories:

Picture 2Picture 3

The advantage of video for the news site is that it gives these sites the ability to force a more profitable pre-roll ad on the viewer, delaying gratification for the user by 5 to 30 seconds (or even more).

There are some things which I would prefer video for, but in many places, media outlets are replacing journalism with short clips, some simply talking heads reading the story, for the sake of providing more online video inventory to advertisers. It provides a poor experience for the viewer and it’s lacking journalistically This is not what online video was intended to do.