MLB.TV Ad Load Over Loaded

Nice cliche headline, no? I thought so.

The day before MLB kicks off the 2010 season (Lets go Red Sox!), I was exploring the featured contet on MLB.TV. In nut shell, they need to fix the ad load in a major way.

If you allow the site to automatically deliver a playlist, the ad load [...]

MLB Sticks it to MSFT

One has to imagine that Microsoft, MLB Advanced Media’s former streaming partner since day 1 of MLB.TV has to be pretty pissed to watch Adobe steal their thunder and take over their largest client from Silverlight. Flash is clearly winning the battle with Silverlight. MLBAM CEO Bob Bowman’s take on why Flash won out for [...]

MLB Playoffs LIVE on TBS Hot Corner

TBS and MLB have teamed up again this year for live streaming of this year’s MLB Division Series. While for obvious contractual reasons the coverage is not the same as the TV feed and carries only ambient sound, viewers can watch the game in its entirety from four camera angles on TBS Hot Corner.

MLB is [...]

Yahoo! Scores MLB Deal

Good hour for sports here at OWV. Having just hung up the phone with the NHL‘s Director of Corporate Communications, I received a press release announcing that MLB has signed a deal with Yahoo! to make their MLB.TV package available to Yahoo!Sports users.

“Partnering with allows Yahoo! to offer our users an unmatched baseball [...]