IAB Releases InStream Ad Metrics Definitions

The IAB has released its definitions for InStream ad metrics. View them on their site or download the PDF.

This is a critical step towards simplifying the buying and selling of online video advertising and speeding up the shift of TV ad dollars onto the Web. Definitions cover linear, non-linear and companion banner metrics.

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IAB DV Forum: The IAB Live Blog

Sitting in the back of the room has its drawbacks. I would have / should have known that there was an “Official” IAB Live Blog of the event. For another (official) perspective, head over for their recap.

LIVE @ IAB: Quincy Smith Keynote

CBS Interactive President Quincy Smith just wrapped up the morning keynote at the IAB Digital Video Leadership Forum, key notes:

Some CBS Stats:
#1 in engagement
#1 download on iTunes (Dexter)
#1 Facebook app (March Madness)
#1 TV channel on YouTube
Avg median age of CBS viewer on TV is 53, avg median age online is 37.

Web as a complementary platform:
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IAB Launches In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau today announced a set of format guidelines for in-stream ads. Drawn up by the IAB’s Digital Video Committee, the guidelines are aimed to simplify and standardize in-video ads.

While 145 industry members took part in developing the guidelines, 44 are currently in compliance with them.

Download the full guidelines here.

IAB Opens Digital Video Guidelines for Comment

A busy week for the IAB. Thursday they announced that they’ve opened their new Digital Video Format Guidelines for comments from the industry.

The IAB issued the guidelines for:
• Simplifying digital video ad buying across multiple sites through minimum common ad specifications for video, overlay and companion ads
• Achieving more efficient operations through a common [...]