Taboola's 1 mil Reasons to use Video Recommendations

Its no secret that we’ve got a few favorite companies over here at OVW. Ain’t it great to be a blogger? Today we got some great news from one of my faves, video recommendation engine, Taboola, that I’m excited to share.

Every video publisher on the web, whether they embed videos, product their own, or syndicate them wants one thing — more video views, and revenue.

Video CPMs in many cases are higher than standard display ads – north of $15 – and it makes sense to get as many impressions at those prices as possible.

However, fighting for user’s time as they read an article on your site or watch a video is not an easy task, and convincing users to watch more videos, stay longer, and be happy can be difficult.

Most publishers offer some type of recommendations on their site, it can be “more from category”, or “popular videos you may want to watch” as they want people to be able to discover videos on their site. Some use 3rd party services that do just that – predicting what users want to watch on your site when the users read an article, or watch video.

Taboola, a NY based company we’ve covered here at OnlineVideoWatch for roughly a year now, is already one of the largest video recommendation services on the web with customers like CNN, The NYTimes, Demand Media, Slate, Kiplinger and recently – as was picked up by VideoNuze – also working with Bloomberg with more than 50 million users seeing their recommendations — just crossed an important milestone.

Taboola Recommendations

Taboola Recommendations

For the month of July, Taboola delivered over one million hours of additional videos watched, created by people voluntarily clicking on their video recommendations across their partners’ sites. This number comes from Lior Golan, Taboola Israel’s General Manager and head of technology/product.

One million is a very significant number, proof that Taboola is finding a winning path – promising a good experience for users and improved economics for publishers. They didn’t just deliver a million extra clips – which would be impressive in its own right. Thats One Million Additional Hours of content delivered.