Startup Marcellus Launches Yet Another White Label Player Service

The online video marketplace continues to get more crowded. Today, marcellus announced the full release of their VOD online video service aimed at the low end to mid end of the market.

Marcellus, which is privately funded has raised about $150,000 to date. The company was initially conceived as an enterprise, on-premise video platform in 2006 but founder and CEO Preetam Mukherjee says the company “Realized pretty quick that it was BAD idea.” In mid 2007 they switched gears and began development of the current platform, launching the basic service last August. Since then, Mukherjee tells us they have had “a steady stream of paid customers almost every week.” The company has 8 employees working out of Union City CA and a development office in Gurgaon, India.

The platform itself is very simple and turnkey. For as little as $25 per month publishers can upload and manage an unlimited number of videos encoded in H.264 at up to 1,000Kbps quality. Billing is based on bandwidth usage and service level (length of videos allowed, priority encoding) and the entry level $25/mo plan includes 10GB of bandwidth and 1GB of storage. At the high end, users can sign up for 1.5TB of bandwidth, 250GB of storage and a dedicated encoding instance for $949/mo.

In about five minutes I was able to upload and customize the player below and playback at 1,000 Kbps seems flawless (the original clip bitrate was lower which is why the quality is what it is). Marcellus uses Amazon EC2 for content delivery, a simple solution that allows them to provide dedicated encoding to the premium service tier.

Above: Check out CNBC’s Steve Jobs coverage, those guys are great! Hooray, fair use.

Marcellus has a crowded field to compete with but the offering is simple, intuitive and reasonably priced. “There is no secret sauce to what we’re doing” Mukherjee said “We’ve been able to weave together a really good blend of functionality, scale, efficiency, and cost into a service that seems to be making tremendous sense for our customers.”