Lacy Responds to Zuckerberg Keynote Disaster

When the collective geekdom of the United States shows up in one place and spends half their time in line they have a lot of extra time to bitch on their mobile devices. That said, it’s probably still fair to label Sarah Lacy’s interview of Mark Zuckerberg (watch here) at SXSW an unmitigated disaster.

Above: Sarah Lacy Discusses the Zuckerberg Keynote

You could almost feel bad for Sarah, Twitter and Techmeme quickly spread news about how bad the interview was; it was variously labeled a “train wreck,” a “disaster,” and an “out-and-out bomb,” but she doesn’t do much to redeem herself the interview above. At least she “feel[s] fine about it as a journalist” and her “Amazon rank is higher than ever.”