Producing Juliet: The Latest from Tina Cesa Ward

Ok, we don’t really write much anymore, but when something worthwhile crosses our monitors, we still like to post for the three of you who still get our twitter or RSS feeds.

Award winning writer and director, Tina Cesa Ward, who has almost single-handedly driven the online video drama space forward, has released the pilot episodes of her newest series, Producing Juliet.

As I wrote on facebook: Don’t be dumb. Watch it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with TCW by name, she is the creator of the breakout hit series Anyone But Me and Good People in Love. The cast also reunites Ward with award winning actress Rachael Hip-Flores, who also starred in ABM and GPiL. Producing Juliet premiered internationally at the inaugural Raindance London Web Festival earlier this year and is now available for your viewing pleasure on (via Blip) or at Tina’s Ward Picture Company channel on YouTube.