OVW After 2010: Convergence is Here

You may have noticed we’ve been neglecting this space recently. The reason, more or less, is that there’s not that much “online video” to write about that isn’t already being covered by mainstream media and industry publications.

We’ve reached convergence. The vast majority of content is available on all screens legally, made publicly available by the rights holders. The models for monetizing and distributing the content to new mediums are still evolving, but the content is out there, more easily accessed by going through rights holders than pirates.

The way media is being covered as we near 2011 is not as “online video” or as “TV” but as content on various converged platforms on the basis of that which is most widely watched. Some of that content is independent, most of it is owned by large media companies, (how little things change) but it’s all being covered the same way, again. And that’s a very big deal.

So there’s not that much left for me to write about. When I started writing on this blog three years ago it was in large part because most of the people writing about the industry clearly lacked knowledge of the industry. As so many people got involved in making the push toward convergence with different ideas about how that would happen, there was a very clear need for voices which brought some more technical understanding to the technologies and business models being built.

Today there are many knowledgeable people with a solid understanding of the space, who are writing intelligently about online video, and they have far more free time than I do. They have along with this blog helped to provide a voice to the industry and to those working in it and they continue to do so on a more consistent basis than us, so go check them out, they’re conveniently located in the Blogroll on the right side of the homepage.

Media is media. Content is king. Distribution and marketing are the crown princes. Access has increased, media has democratized, technology will continue to evolve. And the content production business for better or worse is the same as it ever was.