Online Video Honors Its Own at DIVA Awards

Taken from Digiday Daily….

It was a triumphant — yet somehow bittersweet — night for both winners and finalists in the inaugural Digital Video or DIVA Awards. Jason Krebs, in picking up ScanScout’s prize for Best Video Ad Network, judged in juxtaposition to the company’s acquirer and category finalist Tremor Media, offered his thanks, then said poignantly, “It will be the last time the name ScanScout appears in public,” since the company is being cheerfully absorbed by its new partner. Krebs sheds his EVP title at Scanscout to become Tremor Media’s Chief Media Officer. The team still has formidable marketplace competition in the form of MediaMind, which won “Best Video Advertising Platform” against tough competition from and YuMe.

Kyte would have to be considered an “upstart” winner for besting perennial favorite KickApps in the best video content platform category. As finalists, both offer exceptional tools for both Web and mobile video, but Kyte’s recent mastery of real-time streaming to any iOS device may have been a differentiator. The third finalist in this cateogory, Limelight Networks, can hardly be considered an also-ran, since it serves as the backbone for Kyte’s real-time streaming.

DIVA judges also soundly disagreed with those ( like comScore) who claim creativity is absent from Web marketing and media, especially where video is concerned. Whether it was the tintillating promise of a passing encounter, as captured in RAPP New York’s campaign for Guess’ fragrance, the slam-bang action of Gorilla Nation Media’s Halo Reach: Deliver Hope Experience, or the ultimate “Best Video Creative” winner The Visionaire Group’s Fugitive Chronicles’s Home Page Takeover, the emotive and entertaining power of online video creative in this year’s entries demonstrated that online can hold its own against any other medium.

The Fugitive Chronicles entry also took first place in the Best In-Banner Video Ad, and The Visionaire Group’s Chatroulette spoof of how how viewers reacted to being presented a potential “date” with the lead character in The Last Exorcism took top honors in “Best Viral Video Branded Content” over stiff competition from Snoop Dogg for HBO and Threshold Interactive’s elaborate online competition for Nestle Butterfinger. Butterfinger still took home its own “bar,” though, winning “Best Viral Video Ad” hands down. HBO, likewise, didn’t go home empty handed, snagging “Best Video Website” for its TrueBlood portal, perhaps aided by creative elements like Snoop’s Oh Sookie fan-rap tribute.

It was a good year for the macabre generally; along with the sweetly addictive PopSugar, FEARNet was a finalist in the “Best Video Website” category, and Medialets’ Vampire Weekend snatched “Best in-App Video Content” honors away from both HBO’s The Pacific Interactive Battlemaps and Jirbo’s camp app for Kick-Ass the Motion Picture.

On the technology front, innovation is often hard to recognize except in the disruption it brings. It’s something that changes the way an industry does business. does this by providing an open platform where all elements of the video advertising ecosystem can do business with each other effectively in a frictionless environment for transparent buying and selling. Put simply; it’s a game changer, justifying the company’s “Best Video Innovation” honor.

Homeaway, Publicis and Kyte won “Best Viral Video Branded Content” with the Griswold’s Hotel Hell Vacation; Volvo / Euro Rscg and Media Contacts won “Best In-Stream Video Advertisement” (thought the real winner in the category was probably Innovid, whose iRoll format underlay all three finalists in this category); Mindshare took “Best Branded Video Content (Long Form)” with it’s Bertolli Frozen Meals “A Taste of Italy”: Cosmopolitan won for “Best Social Branded Video Advertisement”: and Oprah Winfrey Network won “Best User Generated VIdeo for a Brand” (supported, incidentally by Kyte).

Last but not least in this celebration of all things new and digital, it was a member of the “old guard” that stole the show. CBS Interactive’s Around the World for Free — a Web-original spin-off of the parent network’s Emmy-award-winning Amazing Race — took both “Best Video Series or Show” and “Best of Show” honors. While some of CBS’s competition in the Best Series category still hailed from traditional cable — ESPN’s The Next Round — it wasn’t alone. SheKnows, an Internet-only upstart, also broke into the top three in this rarified winner’s circle, paving the way for other niche content category winners in future. Links below will stay open so our readers can browse the winning and finalist entries for a short time before they are archived in our knowledge base.

Best Branded Video Content (Long Form)
Alloy Digital / First Day for Kmart
Alloy Digital / Hollywood is Like High School with Money / L’Oreal Paris Clean 360
WINNER: Mindshare / Bertolli Frozen Meals

Best Branded Video Content (Short Form)
WINNER: Momentum Worldwide / Triscuit Home Farming
Revision3 / Team Detroit / Ford
Threshold Interactive / Nestle Butterfinger

Best In-App Video Content
HBO / The Pacific Interactive Battlemaps
Jirbo, Inc. / Kick-Ass the Motion Picture
WINNER: Medialets/ Vampire Weekend

Best Video Content Platform
Limelight Networks

Best In-Banner Video Advertisement
MediaMind / ThinkJam / Avatar
Mindshare / Dove Men + Care
WINNER: The Visionaire Group / Fugitive Chronicles: Home Page Takeover

Best In-Stream Video Advertisement
WINNER: Volvo / Euro RSCG / MediaContacts
Disney / Prince of Persia / Tremor Media
Tourism Australia / National Geographic / Innovid

Best Social Branded Video Advertisement
Big Fuel Communications / Fisher Price
WINNER: Cosmopolitan

Best User Generated Video for a Brand
WINNER: Oprah Winfrey Network
Coors Light/ Coors Light Advanced Television Campaign

Best Video Advertising Campaign (B2B)
WINNER: Microsoft

Best Video Creative
Gorilla Nation Media /Halo Reach: Deliver Hope Experience
RAPP New York / Guess

WINNER: The Visionaire Group / Fugitive Chronicles: Home Page Takeover

Best Viral Video Branded Content
HBO / Oh Sookie Video
WINNER: The Visionaire Group / The Last Exorcism – Chatroulette Reaction Videos on YouTube
Threshold Interactive / Nestle Butterfinger

Best Video Advertising Campaign (Branding)
WINNER: Homeaway / Publicis / Kyte
iNDELIBLE Media Corp / Ride NSS
Revision3 / Team Detroit / Ford

Best Video Series/Show
WINNER, and BEST OF SHOW: CBS Interactive/ Around the World for Free
ESPN / The Next Round
SheKnows / SheKnows’ HomeStretch

Best Video Advertising Network
WINNER: Scanscout
Tremor Media

Best Video Advertising Platform
WINNER: MediaMind / MediaMind Version 2.0

Best Video Website

Best Viral Video Ad
Threshold Interactive / Nestle Butterfinger

Best Video Innovation