OMMA Keynote: Patrick Keane, CMO, CBS Interactive

In addition to the potential for joining Hulu, CBS’s Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Keane addressed the general session at OMMA, providing an overview of the interactive landscape.

Engagement, cross-platform, flexibility & customization, branding & video, and data are all on the agenda.

Video in 2008 looks like search in 2002. It is small compared to its potential, and still barely measurable. Compared to 2004, video is still being held back by high prices, a lack of assets, and the perception that the audience is still relatively small compared to TV.

The web represents a more efficient video delivery network as well as a completely new medium. It needs to be thought about both ways, simultaneously, in order to maximize its potential. The community element to the web is critical to its success.

Looking at a case study, TV, online and mobile all saw spikes on Sundays during football. No medium canibalized any of the others.

Analytics will be the new Intellectual Property. CBS looked at its own traffic and saw a trend of users “catching up” on what happened previously ahead of new episodes of Jericho and Survivor.

Building communities around content drives engagement. But content producers need to take a holistic view of what a show is. Its not just 8-9pm. When you consider joining groups on Facebook, catching up on previous episodes, reading blogs, etc., a show has a much longer, broader appeal than just its timeslot.