Move + Silverlight + NBC Olympics = “Kickass”

At the MIX conference this afternoon, Perkins Miller of NBC demoed the Silverlight powered video platform for Duncan Riley liveblogging for TechCrunch called it “kickass,” and it deservedly got the largest ovation of the day.

The player interface designed by Schematic will offer users the ability to view multiple cameras and multiple events simultaneously, as well as enhanced picture-in-picture, and interactive features for all users watching at a given time.

Also today, Move Networks announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft whereby Move technology will be integrated into the Silverlight plugin, allowing anyone with Silverlight installed to view content delivered by Move without a separate download.

Silverlight 2.0, now available in Beta will support adaptive bitrate streaming, such as that offered by Move and Swarmcast, and will integrate with DoubleClick for ad serving enabling a better user experience and making it far more valuable for content producers.

Considering Move’s success with HD streaming, their involvement in streaming video for the 2008 Olympics, and the fact that NBC will make this the first Olympics offered entirely in HD it’s not a huge stretch to anticipate the games being offered online in HD as well.

The olympics should be a coming out party for Silverlight, giving Microsoft the momentum they need to propel it to a more widely adopted standard.

    The complete MIX ’08 keynote.

The NBC Olympics demo is about 1:17 in.