MLB.TV Ad Load Over Loaded

Nice cliche headline, no? I thought so.

The day before MLB kicks off the 2010 season (Lets go Red Sox!), I was exploring the featured contet on MLB.TV. In nut shell, they need to fix the ad load in a major way.

If you allow the site to automatically deliver a playlist, the ad load seems ok.

However, if you manually bounce around the videos – video snacking – the MLB site delivers a pre-roll in front of every clip. Premium content on not, MLB.TV is violating a cardnial rule. I received a :30 pre-roll in front of clips that were :29 seconds, :20 seconds, :28 seconds and :31 seconds long. Not good.

There does seem to be some sort of frequency cap detection going on. After the first 4-5 clips, no ads are served for a while. But where are all the advertisers? I saw 3 Edward Jones ads and at least 3 from Speed Stick. This is some of the most premium video content available. Don’t advertisers want in? Surely MLB.TV watchers are more than armpit stained men with money to invest. Er…..maybe not?

So, MLB.TV, please tweak your ad serving rules. Few users will make it past the first few clips if you continue to heavy up the ad load at the beginning of a session. We’d love to know what your ad serving rules are if you’d care to share them. Maybe they make more sense for a longer session. We just want to know.

You can catch the Red Sox take on the Washington Nationals – the last pre-season game – for free on MLB.TV today at 4pm. Or any other game. MLB.TV is offering up a free preview this weekend. Check it out. I’ve already got my premium subscription, and its worth every penny.