hulu Beta Coming This Week?

Has NBC pulled the plug on their YouTube channel? Valleywag noticed that it’s no longer available, and while I’m not convinced that some intern didn’t accidentally screw something up, if NBC did decide to do away with it that’s kind of a big deal.

NBC has run a very successful YouTube promotional channel, giving users an outlet to legally syndicate some of their best short-form content. Like it or not YouTube is where a lot of eyeballs are and NBC has seemingly used it to their advantage. Where will we get our SNL clips now?

This could be a sign that NBC is going to shift entirely over to hulu for promotional clips. Their closed beta is promised before the end of the month and based on the money they have put into it, it couldn’t be all that difficult to place promotional content on to build anticipation and drive users to the site from day one.

There is a large gap in our information about hulu and what the billion dollar wannabe will actually comprise. There has been a strong tendency to preemptively judge it based on its parents’ MSM history. But when this much money is spent creating a technology rich new site for online video there will be good things to come along with the bad.

The people who spent $100 million must have seen something pretty promising and unique. And while I’m skeptical, I’m also willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think we’ll see some really innovative things from Hulu in the next few months. Hopefully sooner.