Hulu $10 Subscriptions

The summer doldrums seem to be a good time for Hulu to launch their subscription service, Hulu Plus. With few new episodes to stream for free, users will have to pony up the $10 to catch up on shows they’re late to the party for.

Hulu Plus is offering “Over 120 seasons and 2,000 episodes of rich library content.”

Subscribers can watch shows at 720p, and 480p for free.

I just re-added Hulu Desktop to my media center, having given up on it a while ago. Third-party integration with Windows Media Center makes it easy to switch between content you’ve already got and new content to stream.

Ben adds: The key differentiator here beyond more content seems to be the extension of Hulu to all screens which has historically been one of the major user complaints about the service. Because monetizing platforms like the iPad through advertising is more difficult than the web (where Hulu reportedly already gets higher CPMs than TV), the subscription model makes a lot of sense. That said, viewers will need wireless or 3G coverage to watch which will make it difficult to compete with iTunes downloads for quality of experience watching content on the go.