Webby Award for Viral Video Goes to The Muppets

This year’s Webby Awards named The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody as their top viral video of the year, beating out traditional UGC king of the year, David After Dentist.

Personally, I think these should be in separate categories, but I’m not on the committee (yet. you reading this, Chris?!?).

The Champion (wait, wrong Queen song), below. [...]

The Problem With Online Video is Us

No, not Ben and I. The bigger “us.” The collective “us.” The ecosystem “us.” The online video landscape, from the creators to the technologists to the advertisers and everywhere in between, is as fragmented as the audiences we are after. And this is not a good thing. In fact, to steal from a children’s book, [...]

Fallout After the Streamys

We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of backlash since Sunday night’s Streamy Awards and it’s raising a lot of questions about the seriousness of the online video community. Executive Producer Brady Brim-DeForest went so far as to apologize that the show “wasn’t in the spirit of how we wanted to recognize the nominees and [...]

Streamy Awards Live Right Here

Why not just embed those Streamy Awards right here?

Video chat rooms at Ustream

Streamy Awards Live Tonight

Don’t forget to celebrate online video’s own Oscar-style awards show, The Streamy Awards.

Visit the Streamy Awards site at 8:30p EST, 5:30p PST for main attraction. But if you care who anyone is wearing, log on starting 4pm PST / 7pm EST for the Red Carpet Show.

If you haven’t been watching at least a few [...]