Producing Juliet: The Latest from Tina Cesa Ward

Ok, we don’t really write much anymore, but when something worthwhile crosses our monitors, we still like to post for the three of you who still get our twitter or RSS feeds.

Award winning writer and director, Tina Cesa Ward, who has almost single-handedly driven the online video drama space forward, has released the pilot [...]

My Damn Channel to Produce Four Original Comedy Series for Blip

Two pioneers in the online video space have come together to create and distribute four new comedy series. Who knew these guys weren’t already partners?

My Damn Channel will produce four original comedy series for Blip, including new seasons of My Damn Channel hits Wainy Days and Daddy Knows Best, and two others currently in [...]

Not All is Well in Online Video

This is a column that I wrote for Digiday Daily, published today.

As an avid online video watcher, pre-roll evangelist, and all around opinionated curmudgeon, I always get excited when the industry comes together to talk about business, pat ourselves on the back for how great we’re doing, and how our clients are all pushing the [...]

A Barely Political Milestone

A great tidbit to end the week on. Congratulations to the team at Next New Networks and their hit series Barely Political, who passed 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel yesterday.

In case you live under an online video rock, or avoid anything with the word ‘political’ in it, Barely Political shot to fame with their [...]

RFP: The Web Series

I got my first peek at the web series “RFP” a few months ago at a Big Screen / Little Screen meetup. It was one of the funniest, most original webisodes I’d seen in a while, and was excited for their launch. It was a hysterical send up of a typical pitch meeting at an [...]