Quitting Facebook Rap

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RFP: The Web Series

I got my first peek at the web series “RFP” a few months ago at a Big Screen / Little Screen meetup. It was one of the funniest, most original webisodes I’d seen in a while, and was excited for their launch. It was a hysterical send up of a typical pitch meeting at an [...]

The Final Chapter on LOST

Somehow a lot of people were satisfied by the last episode of LOST. I wasn’t one of them.

But at least CollegeHumor and Elon James White are on the same page:

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Happy Birthday, Captain Morgan

I love a good party. Any celebration that calls for excessive imbibing (but not driving!), I’m all for, like Cinco de Mayo, New Years, St. Patty’s Day, and milestone birthdays.

And so it is with great joy that I offer my most sincere birthday wishes to Captain Morgan on his 375 (ish)th birthday. Break Media, [...]

Webby Award for Viral Video Goes to The Muppets

This year’s Webby Awards named The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody as their top viral video of the year, beating out traditional UGC king of the year, David After Dentist.

Personally, I think these should be in separate categories, but I’m not on the committee (yet. you reading this, Chris?!?).

The Champion (wait, wrong Queen song), below. [...]