Video is Great, But Leave Me My Text Option

Sure, this is an online video blog. But I’m getting tired of media outlets that force video on me when what I really want is a quick article that allows me to get the information on my terms.

Specifically what I’m referring to is the tendency for two sites which I visit regularly ESPN and CNN [...]

The Solution to the Discovery Problem

There are a number of startups today focused on helping people to find content. But none has really harnessed the usefulness of the web. TechCrunch today reports that TVLinks has come out of stealth to join the likes of Clicker,, TV Guide’s Online Video Guide and many others but I’m not convinced that [...]

RFP: The Web Series

I got my first peek at the web series “RFP” a few months ago at a Big Screen / Little Screen meetup. It was one of the funniest, most original webisodes I’d seen in a while, and was excited for their launch. It was a hysterical send up of a typical pitch meeting at an [...]

Google Brings Search to the TV

We’re learning more about Google TV at their I/O conference in San Francisco and it’s looking like Google’s primary goal is to bring search to the television in order to simplify discovery. NewTeeVee has a great writeup of the unveiling and you can watch Google’s video intro below:

Also of note, in the keynote announcement which [...]

SME10: Yahoo's Paoletti on Monetization Challenges

In the day 2 keynote at Streaming Media East, Yahoo! Director of Video Strategy Rebecca Paoletti discussed the challenges Yahoo! faces in monetizing online video and some of the solutions the company has come up of to help marketers reach their audience online. Key notes below.


2/3 of U.S. internet users watch online video each month [...]