Roku Lowers Prices; How Long Before it's "Free"?

Roku announced today that it is lowering prices on its Set-Top-Box from $79.99 to $59.99 for its SD version and from $99.99 to $69.99 for their HD-XR model which will soon be capable of 1080P HD. These reductions are to make it even more competitive with forthcoming STBs from Google, Apple and others, but it [...]

Taboola's 1 mil Reasons to use Video Recommendations

Its no secret that we’ve got a few favorite companies over here at OVW. Ain’t it great to be a blogger? Today we got some great news from one of my faves, video recommendation engine, Taboola, that I’m excited to share.

Every video publisher on the web, whether they embed videos, product their own, or [...]

UFC Suing Justin.TV & UStream Over Pirate Streams

Back in March, live streaming provider Livestream issued a zero-tolerance policy in an open letter to the industry. The Ultimate Fighting Championships wishes that other streaming platforms offered the same assurances right about now.

Pay-Pay-View events, like the UFC’s, have traditionally been high priced affairs that attract a loyal fanbase, but limits the appeal to [...]

AdGenesis Digital Launches Multiple Media Real-Time Video Advertising Platform

AdGenesis Digital announced a new video advertising platform where customers exchange buying information for relevant ads and rewards. AdGenesis functions across multiple media including mobile, online and eventually ITV.

The white label platform rewards consumers with savings, offers, or other incentives from marketers for providing information about their buying habits & brand preferences and [...]

ESPN3's 'Absolute A' is a Media Game Changer

Mediaweek reports today that ESPN3 will launch its dynamic ad insertion platform on June 11th to coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Dubbed the “Absolute A position,” dynamic ad serving has the potential to dramatically increase the value of live event advertising, offering marketers far greater addressability and immediate access to an exact audience [...]