A Barely Political Milestone

A great tidbit to end the week on. Congratulations to the team at Next New Networks and their hit series Barely Political, who passed 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel yesterday.

In case you live under an online video rock, or avoid anything with the word ‘political’ in it, Barely Political shot to fame with their [...]

Court Says FCC Can’t Mandate Net Neutrality

Theoretically I’m 110% in favor of Net Neutrality. In practice, however, I definitely see some reasons for allowing ISPs to prioritize certain bits over others. I’m not sure that Comcast’s case is a very good benchmark, but its the one we’ve got.

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt [...]

Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish

The TED Conference is going on this weekend in Long Beach, and while they have smartly made the event super-exclusive they will be releasing a few videos to the web to make everyone else jealous we can’t be there in person. In the first of the released TED talks from this year, chef Jamie Oliver [...]

White House Rolls Out Web Video Chats

Continuing to embrace the medium the same way other departments, companies, universities, non-profits, and anyone else paying attention should, today the White House announced a series of online video chats that will allow people to connect directly with the White House’s most senior advisors.

The chats will be preceded by blog posts from the department, [...]

More Obama Online

In case you didn’t watch the video message from our President to Iran, and missed his press conference earlier this week, you still have another chance to catch him online. Today, starting at 11:30am, President Obama will be hosting an online townhall at Whitehouse.gov focusing on the economy.

92,927 people have submitted 104,119 questions, including [...]