More Concerts Set to Stream

The music industry is slowly reinventing itself with a heavy emphasis on live performances.

To that end, VEVO and YouTube, with sponsorship from American Express, are launching an online concert series called “Unstaged.” The first show under the moniker will be Arcade Fire, which will stream their Aug. 5 concert from Madison Square Garden live. [...]

EVO 4G vs iPhone: A Love Story

Hulu $10 Subscriptions

The summer doldrums seem to be a good time for Hulu to launch their subscription service, Hulu Plus. With few new episodes to stream for free, users will have to pony up the $10 to catch up on shows they’re late to the party for.

Hulu Plus is offering “Over 120 seasons and 2,000 episodes of [...]

The Solution to the Discovery Problem

There are a number of startups today focused on helping people to find content. But none has really harnessed the usefulness of the web. TechCrunch today reports that TVLinks has come out of stealth to join the likes of Clicker,, TV Guide’s Online Video Guide and many others but I’m not convinced that [...]

AdGenesis Digital Launches Multiple Media Real-Time Video Advertising Platform

AdGenesis Digital announced a new video advertising platform where customers exchange buying information for relevant ads and rewards. AdGenesis functions across multiple media including mobile, online and eventually ITV.

The white label platform rewards consumers with savings, offers, or other incentives from marketers for providing information about their buying habits & brand preferences and [...]