Producing Juliet: The Latest from Tina Cesa Ward

Ok, we don’t really write much anymore, but when something worthwhile crosses our monitors, we still like to post for the three of you who still get our twitter or RSS feeds.

Award winning writer and director, Tina Cesa Ward, who has almost single-handedly driven the online video drama space forward, has released the pilot [...]

My Damn Channel to Produce Four Original Comedy Series for Blip

Two pioneers in the online video space have come together to create and distribute four new comedy series. Who knew these guys weren’t already partners?

My Damn Channel will produce four original comedy series for Blip, including new seasons of My Damn Channel hits Wainy Days and Daddy Knows Best, and two others currently in [...]

Sorenson Releases Squeeze 9

Perennial video encoding champions Sorenson Media released their latest version of the popular Squeeze platform, Squeeze 9.

You can even take it for a free test drive.

I’ve yet to give it a full workout, and won’t personally benefit from the HTML5 optimization, but Sorenson promises speed and quality improvements and a new user interface. Some [...]

Ultra Music Festival Live This Weekend

Gotta hand it to YouTube live and Ultra, the production quality on this is pretty spectacular.

Phish Summer Tour 2013 Video

Phish announces their 2013 summer tour dates with this homage to Apocalypse Now.

And here’s the original for those of you who are (gasp!) unfamiliar with the scene.