UFC Suing Justin.TV & UStream Over Pirate Streams

Back in March, live streaming provider Livestream issued a zero-tolerance policy in an open letter to the industry. The Ultimate Fighting Championships wishes that other streaming platforms offered the same assurances right about now.

Pay-Pay-View events, like the UFC’s, have traditionally been high priced affairs that attract a loyal fanbase, but limits the appeal to [...]

Oscar Night Irony

On the heals of Livestream’s open letter to the industry about piracy of live streamed content, it wasn’t long before a quinticential example pops up.

While ABC initially cut off access to Cablevision during their dispute (access was restored at approximately 8:45PM EST, disgruntled viewers are turning to the web for their OSCAR content. In [...]

Livestream Issues Open Letter on Piracy

Today, live streaming provider Livestream issued an open letter on their blog, announcing their Zero Tolerance policy on piracy.

In a nut shell, they’ve got a zero tolerance policy on piracy. The open letter, which we obviously support wholeheartedly, was written by CEO Max Hoat to inform their customers, advertisers, partners, policy makers and competitors [...]

Maddow Segment on Online Videos

Fans of Rachel Maddow know that she’s a fan of quirky web video. Tonight she wrapped up her show with a segment on the lip-sync video battle between two high schools in Washington.

Hopefully the record labels will let these kids have their fun. On Dec. 5th, Ryan Lawler at NewTeeVee reported:

A few years [...]

Vevo Shmevo

Why am I such a hater this week? I feel good, got plenty of sleep, had a great weekend after a 3 night run of Phish at Madison Square Garden. So why am I so down on two of the online video industry’s biggest launches? Is it just because I didn’t go to either of [...]