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In case you missed it, both Ben & I have full time jobs and haven’t quite been keeping up like we used to. And we’re real sorry about that. But since our companies are working together anyway…..

Google, Verizon and the Value of Tiered Service

Let me say up front that I’m a Massachusetts democrat, so I’m all for government intervention where it makes sense. But let’s face it, the government isn’t always the best at making things happen, and this is especially true when it comes to technology. Watching our elected officials try to wrap their heads around the [...]

UFC Suing Justin.TV & UStream Over Pirate Streams

Back in March, live streaming provider Livestream issued a zero-tolerance policy in an open letter to the industry. The Ultimate Fighting Championships wishes that other streaming platforms offered the same assurances right about now.

Pay-Pay-View events, like the UFC’s, have traditionally been high priced affairs that attract a loyal fanbase, but limits the appeal to [...]

Court Says FCC Can’t Mandate Net Neutrality

Theoretically I’m 110% in favor of Net Neutrality. In practice, however, I definitely see some reasons for allowing ISPs to prioritize certain bits over others. I’m not sure that Comcast’s case is a very good benchmark, but its the one we’ve got.

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt [...]

Oscar Night Irony

On the heals of Livestream’s open letter to the industry about piracy of live streamed content, it wasn’t long before a quinticential example pops up.

While ABC initially cut off access to Cablevision during their dispute (access was restored at approximately 8:45PM EST, disgruntled viewers are turning to the web for their OSCAR content. In [...]