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In case you missed it, both Ben & I have full time jobs and haven’t quite been keeping up like we used to. And we’re real sorry about that. But since our companies are working together anyway…..

Online Video Honors Its Own at DIVA Awards

Taken from Digiday Daily….

It was a triumphant — yet somehow bittersweet — night for both winners and finalists in the inaugural Digital Video or DIVA Awards. Jason Krebs, in picking up ScanScout’s prize for Best Video Ad Network, judged in juxtaposition to the company’s acquirer and category finalist Tremor Media, offered his thanks, then said [...]

Not All is Well in Online Video

This is a column that I wrote for Digiday Daily, published today.

As an avid online video watcher, pre-roll evangelist, and all around opinionated curmudgeon, I always get excited when the industry comes together to talk about business, pat ourselves on the back for how great we’re doing, and how our clients are all pushing the [...]

AppleTV Announcing Netflix Partnership?

So says Bloomberg which cites no less than 3 sources. The announcement is expected tomorrow at that Apple press conference with the vague guitar picture on the invite. Apple will reportedly lower the price of the new AppleTV to $99.

The company is also expected to release a new iPod touch with a higher res [...]

Even More Concerts Online

Seeing a trend here? Suddenly it seems like everybody wants a part of the concert streaming game. Still, I’m waiting to see when smaller touring acts start using it as more of a promotional tool for building and maintaining a fan base.

But in the meantime, there’s something for everyone online. Tonight, Spin Magazine continues [...]