NBC Direct Still Sucks Two Years Later

Last rant before leaving. NBC Direct sucks. Period. Their “HD Download” service is a great idea, especially for people who want higher quality and dont mind downloading in the background.

In case anyone is interested, check out the forum on the My.NBC message board. Thread started in August of 2008. In that entire time, there [...]

Video Advertising: Glass Half Full, Damnit!!

For those of you who know me, this might come as a big surprise. I see the video advertising market, and the recent performance data from comScore, YuMe, TubeMogul and eMarketer as very POSITIVE signs of a healthy market that is ripe with opportunity. The online video ad market is a glass half full, and [...]

Happy 5th B-Day, YouTube. Here's a Pile of Steaming Poo....

Happy birthday to everyone’s favorite video site, YouTube. What? Its NOT everyone’s favorite video site? Did I read Dan Rayburn’s blog about it? He said what?

To Mark YouTube’s 5th birthday, StreamingMedia’s Dan Rayburn bequeaths them a gift of a big steaming pile dog poo, reminding us all not how great YouTube is, but rather, [...]

Dan Frommer Comes Back to Cable...and likes it.

After an almost two year experiment, Business Insider’s Dan Frommer has plugged himself back in to the cable TV ecosystem. He explains why in an editorial over at AdAge and, of course, on his own Business Insider column.

Frommer was an early cord cutter, taking an early leap into the “Hulu Household” domain. I took [...]

Thoughts from NATPE: Chasing the TV Dragon

Back in the office after NATPE 2010, I’m struck with a lingering thought. Content producers are chasing a dying television dream. Its sad, actually. I’m no advocate for bad content, but if what you’re peddling isn’t the next Mad Men, you should have a significantly better understanding of your options than what I saw from [...]