Not All is Well in Online Video

This is a column that I wrote for Digiday Daily, published today.

As an avid online video watcher, pre-roll evangelist, and all around opinionated curmudgeon, I always get excited when the industry comes together to talk about business, pat ourselves on the back for how great we’re doing, and how our clients are all pushing the [...]

Video is Great, But Leave Me My Text Option

Sure, this is an online video blog. But I’m getting tired of media outlets that force video on me when what I really want is a quick article that allows me to get the information on my terms.

Specifically what I’m referring to is the tendency for two sites which I visit regularly ESPN and CNN [...]

The Final Chapter on LOST

Somehow a lot of people were satisfied by the last episode of LOST. I wasn’t one of them.

But at least CollegeHumor and Elon James White are on the same page:

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Apple vs. Adobe

Adobe today struck back at Apple in the wake of Steve Jobs’ open letter on Flash with an open letter of their own and an ad-campaign running on blogs including Engadget. Both sides have a lot to gain if they can sway public opinion and force the other’s hand. Unfortunately for Adobe, Apple is in [...]

The Problem With Online Video is Us

No, not Ben and I. The bigger “us.” The collective “us.” The ecosystem “us.” The online video landscape, from the creators to the technologists to the advertisers and everywhere in between, is as fragmented as the audiences we are after. And this is not a good thing. In fact, to steal from a children’s book, [...]