The Final Chapter on LOST

Somehow a lot of people were satisfied by the last episode of LOST. I wasn’t one of them.

But at least CollegeHumor and Elon James White are on the same page:

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Thoughts on Online Video and Where We're Going

The fine folks at video recommendation engine, Taboola, asked me to contribute a few thoughts for their blog. Since their CEO, Adam Singolda, has contributed a few guest posts here on OVW, how could we not?

Here’s the first paragraph, but please head over to their blog to read the rest.

When Charles Ginsburg, led [...]

Apple vs. Adobe

Adobe today struck back at Apple in the wake of Steve Jobs’ open letter on Flash with an open letter of their own and an ad-campaign running on blogs including Engadget. Both sides have a lot to gain if they can sway public opinion and force the other’s hand. Unfortunately for Adobe, Apple is in [...]

SME10 Closing Thoughts

After another Streaming Media East, one that felt emptier than in recent years, it seems worth looking back at the evolution of the industry during the past 4 years we’ve been writing about it. Streaming Media East and West continue to be hallmarks. Each year offers an opportunity to benchmark for how far we’ve come  [...]

No Bias at Alley Insider

At least we know their reporters work independently.

Wonder why there’s so much debate about how web video, TV, TV Everywhere is going to turn out? These concurrent headlines on Silicon Alley Insider give a glimpse into the landscape.