UFC Suing Justin.TV & UStream Over Pirate Streams

Back in March, live streaming provider Livestream issued a zero-tolerance policy in an open letter to the industry. The Ultimate Fighting Championships wishes that other streaming platforms offered the same assurances right about now.

Pay-Pay-View events, like the UFC’s, have traditionally been high priced affairs that attract a loyal fanbase, but limits the appeal to [...]

Oscar Night Irony

On the heals of Livestream’s open letter to the industry about piracy of live streamed content, it wasn’t long before a quinticential example pops up.

While ABC initially cut off access to Cablevision during their dispute (access was restored at approximately 8:45PM EST, disgruntled viewers are turning to the web for their OSCAR content. In [...]

Stream the Olympics Over Your Own VPN

A little technical knowledge will go a long way. Our friends at BusinessInsider.com walk you through the steps of setting up your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around that pesky Olympic Firewall that is preventing us from enjoying the events live.

Is 2010 the Year for Paid Content?

It’s early in 2010 but already there’s another report out on consumer willingness to pay for content and increasingly content creators and distributors are increasingly requiring it. Slowly but surely we are moving back to a place we haven’t been since the internet changed everything – where content can be reliably secured, and where the [...]

UFC 100: A Tale of Two Streams (and one price)

Live right now is the UFC 100, availble on pay-per-view from your cable provider as well as via live stream from UFC.com.

Interestingly, UFC is charging $44.99 for both the 300 kbps stream and the 600 kbps. What gives? Is anyone buying the lower bitrate stream? If you can’t support a broadband stream, you should [...]