ESPN3's 'Absolute A' is a Media Game Changer

Mediaweek reports today that ESPN3 will launch its dynamic ad insertion platform on June 11th to coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Dubbed the “Absolute A position,” dynamic ad serving has the potential to dramatically increase the value of live event advertising, offering marketers far greater addressability and immediate access to an exact audience [...]

YouTube Extending Rentals to Users

MediaPost today reports that YouTube will soon offer a self-service rental option for producers. YouTube had previously offered this for a select number of Sundance Films.

The move strengthens YouTube as it competes with other white-label platforms like and Vimeo for professionally produced content. The site has transformed itself into a home for high-quality content [...]

My Watershed Week of Online Video

Sure we gripe about quality. And advertising. And content availability. And authentication. And monetization. And… and…. and….

But today, I’m not bitching at all. Yesterday was my personal online video watershed moment. The one when you sit back – lean back, in the parlance of our time – and say, “Damn. This Really Is GOOD.”

I recently [...]

Startup Marcellus Launches Yet Another White Label Player Service

The online video marketplace continues to get more crowded. Today, marcellus announced the full release of their VOD online video service aimed at the low end to mid end of the market.

Marcellus, which is privately funded has raised about $150,000 to date. The company was initially conceived as an enterprise, on-premise video platform in [...]

Forget Adaptive Bitrate; 700Kbps is the Online Video Sweet Spot

One of the things I’m constantly seeing from those deciding on an online video platform is a desire to offer live HD content. But HD is overrated, what HD really means on the web is still undefined – on the low end a bitrate of at least 1.7Mbps is required. And even if live HD [...]