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In case you missed it, both Ben & I have full time jobs and haven’t quite been keeping up like we used to. And we’re real sorry about that. But since our companies are working together anyway…..

VideoNuze Interviews (hey that rhymes)

Our good friend, Will Richmond, over at the must-read VideoNuze got the chance to interview a few industry heavy hitters at thePlatform’s recent customer gathering. Courtesy of thePlatform’s addition of social media tools into their player, we can bring them to you here.

Livestream Issues Open Letter on Piracy

Today, live streaming provider Livestream issued an open letter on their blog, announcing their Zero Tolerance policy on piracy.

In a nut shell, they’ve got a zero tolerance policy on piracy. The open letter, which we obviously support wholeheartedly, was written by CEO Max Hoat to inform their customers, advertisers, partners, policy makers and competitors [...]

Stream the Olympics Over Your Own VPN

A little technical knowledge will go a long way. Our friends at walk you through the steps of setting up your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around that pesky Olympic Firewall that is preventing us from enjoying the events live.

Is 2010 the Year for Paid Content?

It’s early in 2010 but already there’s another report out on consumer willingness to pay for content and increasingly content creators and distributors are increasingly requiring it. Slowly but surely we are moving back to a place we haven’t been since the internet changed everything – where content can be reliably secured, and where the [...]