Break Launches New (old) Ad Formats

Break Media, the leading men’s focused media portal, today announced the introduction of a suite of (semi) new ad formats, dubbed the “Interactive Engagement Suite.”

Andrew Budkofsky, EVP of Sales and Partnerships, Break Media emphasized the formats’ focus on delivering strong brand messages for the advertising clients, as well as the ability to scale.

The [...]

Coke’s Happiness Machine

Very cool, indeed. Replacing traditional Coke vending machines with a tricked out “happiness machine.” Not sure I’d use the term “doses” in the description, but thats a little nit picky.


Mixpo Brings Web Video to Local Agencies

Earlier this week I had lunch with Mixpo CEO Anupam Gupta (and IlluminatePR’s Steve Stratz) for a fresh chat about an old idea – leveraging TV assets in the online video environment.

Today the company officially announced the launch of “Mixpo for Agencies,” which is designed to extend local TV ads to the web. Sounds [...]

Save the Rainforest

Great cause and equally great video. And even better, its got Kermit and Prince Charles, and not Al Gore.

According to the description of the video, the destruction of tropical forests is releasing more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than the entire global transport sector every year. These forests are essential for our well [...]

WB’s Watchmen Sponsors FYI’s Axis of Comedy

Good video content drives serious advertising revenue. In case you didn’t believe us, take Paul Kontonis’ word for it. He – er, For Your Imagination, rather – just landed a big fat check from Warner Bros. to sponsor a package of their Axis of Comedy content. Thats a six-figure deal, according to the [...]