Billion Dollar Online Video Leaders

Compete just released their July market share numbers for online video sites and as always Google is well in the lead. We may be early in the online game and startups are the rage but this is a category owned by big entertainment companies.

The battle for number two is shaping up to be a good one, all the sites mentioned by Compete have a shot to move in and take a sizable lead if they can use technology to offer the best user experience. For perspective, consider where these players came from over the past fiver years. Each has its own strength.

Myspace has its advantage in the social networking aspect and now in NewsCorp content. AOL has Time Warner, MSN has MSNBC along with the partners that come with being Microsoft. Yahoo! is the most trafficked site in the world. All these sites are multi-billion dollar entities.

Buyouts will help bolster the technology these companies need to stay competitive, which is a big reason why there’s so much being invested in online video startups right now.