Big Brother Launches Privacy Channel

Google, the company that wants to answer the question “what should I do tomorrow?” wants us to know it has a conscience. Rest assured: when they tell us what we want to do, they won’t use it against us.

To coincide with the Federal Trade Commission’s two-day town hall meeting on behavioral advertising, Google has created a YouTube channel explaining their privacy policies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see them embracing openness but it makes for some of the driest content imaginable.

Above: Maile Ohye Walks Us Through Personalized Search

The potential for misuse of information will grow as user data becomes ubiquitous across all mediums. As we trend toward an entirely digitally interconnected world, everything we do will be registered somewhere.

Google continues to insert themselves into layers between the user and the internet, apparently seeking to be the clearinghouse for all this data; ensuring that when the internet is everywhere, Google will be following the users, wherever they are.